Trevor was born in the Lancashire mill town of Accrington,  in 1952. He now lives  in the picturesque village of Sabden  nestled in the historic witch country of  Pendle Hill by the Ribble Valley.  


He is a self taught, professional artist, tutor and demonstrator of his preferred medium of watercolour.


The  characteristic economy of detail and the  use of a limited palette awards his  paintings with a sense of light and immediacy.  


His work shows the skill shown from decades of practice and a fundamental understanding of the properties of the paint and the surfaces he uses. His work is characterised by the economy of detail and beautifully simple colour palette which creates paintings with style and ambience.


He is inspired by the works of Edward Seago, Sir William Russel Flint, and renowned  artists Trevor Chamberlain and John Yardley.


Trevor Lingards reputation is consolidating nationally, his  paintings are exclusive, each one  unique,  original and  has the distinctive hallmark style.