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I was born in the mill town of Accrington in 1952  and now live in the picturesque village of Sabden, nestled in the clutches of Pendle Hill in the Ribble Valley.


I don't consider myself the stereo type artist, but just a chap who paints pictures that hopefully gives pleasure to others.


Its the best job in the world.


I am so luck........


From an early age my parents encouraged me to work hard to achieve in life, unfortunately I was not a well educated lad and struggled at school in the lower grades.  (in later life I discovered I was Dyslexic)..


however I did have some talents.... football, music, art and creating things that I could not afford to buy. (they called it "make do and mends")


I did excel in all my school years at art,... but a career in art I considered then, was only for real artists and those who could go to university!


At 15 I signed school boy forms with Oldham Athletic FC,.. but to be a professional footballer was more a dream than a reality.


so on leaving school with no qualifications at the age of 15 an apprenticeship in plumbing and heating engineering was thrust on to me. 


After completing my 5 year plumbing apprenticeship and after years of further education at night school I gaining hard earned qualifications in building construction.


My aim was to become a Building Inspector which I later years I became a Building Surveyor.


I always realised my ability to create art in one form or another and from the age of 25 my desire to create paintings overwhelmed me.... I became addicted to the medium of watercolour.


My first exhibition was a sell out, my dreams were to have a career in art, 


I was lucky my wife Lyne and family supported me and tolerate what can be sometimes quite a selfish ambition...


but the reality was I had a young family to support. I put my dream on hold and continued painting semi professionally.


After many years of building my reputation along with further successful exhibitions, at the age of 52 when my personal circumstance allowed, a career has a full time artist beckoned and I finally took the plunge.


My travels and occasional teachings of my painting techniques have taken me to many countries in Europe and has far as South America. New horizons give me much inspiration and this often reflects in the subject matter of my paintings.


My ethos to painting, when it comes to application of the medium is, to keep it simple, "Less is more".

The amount of practice carried out determines the level of skill obtained.

 To practice often is the difficult bit and must be laboured before success can be achieved.



I have been painting seriously now for over 40 years and consider myself still learning the trade.

If I thought I had reached the pinnacle of my career I would call it a day now.


My desire and enthusiasm to paint is driven by the need to learn more.


I am so pleased my work is accepted and so grateful when a painting is admired or acquired.

To know my god given skill of painting is giving pleasure hopefully for years to come, gives me much satisfaction.


I am so lucky.